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Core Values:

  • Always put the reader first
  • Be transparent
  • Be an honest source of accurate information
  • Helping you to be financially free from poverty and live a decent lifestyle.

Mission Statement:

To transform lives through personal finance education.

About Cajetan Desmond, Founder and Owner

cajetan desmond

Hey there, welcome to FinanceWithDes. Iā€™m Cajetan Desmond, an entrepreneur and a personal finance expert. Founder and owner of this great site.

This site,FinanceWithDes.com was created with a mission to help normal people like you achieve your financial goals more faster than expected, and through me you’ll get all the necessary resources needed to get you where you need to be. You will be equipped with in-depth financial knowledge to help you tackle your greatest money goals.

How Can I Help You?

Lets face it, Nigerians are stressed about difficult financial decisions, as a consequences, they are making strange financial decisions and in turn might results in a gloomy financial future for many Nigerians.

Financewithdes.com is here to change this gloomy picture for Nigerian consumers by making it more easier to make better financial decisions. So here is how i can help you:

šŸ‘‰ Many Nigerians are in need of an investment company where they can securely invest there funds and earn interest on the go. FinanceWithDes thrieves on helping individuals like you to achieve true financial freedom.

šŸ‘‰ Are you trying to learn where to invest money and earn interest on the go without necessarily quitting your job? Or tips on how to take your business to more higher levels, or an income program to join and earn extra cash on the line? if yes, then worry no more, because we are here to offer you tips on how to be financially free from poverty.

šŸ‘‰ Need a loan? either to catch up with expected/unexpected expenses, Consolidate your debt, finance your education or simply get one step to your dreams.

Financewithdes.com can help you to find and compare the best loans available. Although we are not a lending institutions, but we can help you to find the best loans that fits your budget and lifestyle regardless of your credit score.

We review all the best loan lending platforms in Nigeria that offers loans with amazing interest rates and flexible repayment terms and show you how to apply without collateral.

šŸ‘‰ Are you looking for a way to save money for retirement? Financewithdes.com is here to offer you tips on how to save money after payday.